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A Tribute to S.S. Prokofiev

Grand Final


August 1 – 8, 2021

The laureates receiving Diplomas of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree at any stage of the I ‘Silk Way’ Online International Competition, commemorated to S.S. Prokofiev, are selected to participate at the Grand Final which will take place August 1–8, 2021, in the city of Kolomna

To take part in the Online competition, visit I Международный конкурс исполнительского искусства «Шёлковый путь» — АРТист (artistproject.ru)

Due to the anti-Covid border restrictions and a special online programme will be arranged for the foreign participants. However, live participation is always in priority. The Organizing Committee is ready to provide the documents needed for entering the Russian Federation.

! Deadline for application to the online Competition — May 15th, 2021. The results of the Competitions to be announced on the web-page until June 1st, 2021. Deadline for application to the Grand Final — June 15th, 2021. The fee payment should be also completed before June 15th, 2021.

  1. The Grand Final is held by:
  • ArtИст Concert agency (Moscow, Russia);
  • Tatiana Tchistyakova— concert pianist, laureate of international competitions, artistic director of ArtИст Concert agency;
  • Yuliya Yakushina, Vladimir Vysotskiy — organisers of the concert (November 14th, 2019, Saint-Petersburg Philharmonic) commemorated to the 70th anniversary of establishing the diplomatic relations between China and Russia;
  • Department for Tourism and Culture of Kolomna District;
  • I Moscow Region Music College;
  • ‘House of Ozerov’ Culture Centre of Kolomna District;
  • Kolomna Philharmonic;
  • ‘Teplovozostroitel’ Culture Centre, Kolomna


  1. Events of the Grand Final:
  • Auditions of the competition
  • Masterclasses with Jury-members
  • Performing with ‘Tchaikovsky orchestra, conducted by Sergei Luran
  • Concerts of the Competition laureates on the following venues:

— Kolomna Philharmonic;

— ‘House of Ozerov’ Culture Centre;

— Оpen air venue of the Kolomna Kremlin;

— Gala-concert at ‘Teplovozostroitel’ Culture Centre

  • Sightseeing and entertainment.
  1. Partners:
  • International Culture Association (Turku, Finland);
  • Auditorium Circolo Unione Circolo Unione (Bari, Italy);
  • ‘W.A. Mozart’ Cultural Association (Italy)
  1. Goals of The Competition:
  • Development of and education in performing and visual arts among the young
  • Showcasing and support of both students and teachers of arts schools and colleges
  • Support in further career development of young performers and artists by providing the opportunity to perform at concert stages or exhibit works
  • Building a stronger cultural cooperation between the countries
  1. Rules and Conditions:

Participation in the Grand Final is allowed only for the laureates receiving Diplomas of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree of the I ‘Silk Way’ Online International Competition, commemorated to S.S. Prokofiev. There are no age limits for the participants. Competition auditions and masterclasses are held at the I Moscow Region Music College. The one-round programme is free. For time limits see below.

  1. Nominations:
  • Piano (solo, ensembles)
  • Strings (solo, ensembles)
  • Winds (solo, ensembles)
  • Folk instruments (solo, ensembles)
  • Classical vocals (solo, ensembles)
  • Pop vocals (solo, ensembles)
  • Traditional singing (solo, ensembles)
  • Choir
  • Performance groups
  • Concertmaster`s art
  1. Age categories and repertoire:
  • Category B: 9-10 years of age — max. 5 minutes free repertoire
  • Category C: 11-12 years of age — max. 10 minutes free repertoire
  • Category D: 13-15 years of age — max. 10 minutes free repertoire
  • Category E: 16-18 years of age — max. 15 minutes free repertoire
  • Category F: 19-25 years of age — max. 15 minutes free repertoire
  • Category G: over 26 years of age — max. 15 minutes free repertoire


In duets and ensembles, the age category is determined by the age of the youngest participant. The chosen repertoire should be appropriate according to age. All solo works must be performed from memory. The use of score is permitted for instrumental duets and ensembles..

  1. Jury:

The contestants’ performance is evaluated by a professional jury on a 100-points scale. The decision of the jury is final and is not subject to review or appeal.

The contestants are judged according to the following criteria:

technical proficiency;

accuracy of performance;

level of difficulty of repertoire (with regard to the ability of the contestant);

sound quality and touch;



As a result, the following prizes can be awarded:

Grand-Prix: 100 points

1st prize: 95–99 points

2nd prize: 90–94 points

3rd prize: 85–89 points

Diploma: 80–84 points


Jury members:

Alexey Kudryashov, piano
Laureate of international competitions, Moscow State Philharmonic soloist, piano teacher at F.Chopin College of Music Performing (Moscow).

Andrey Dubov, piano

Moscow State Philharmonic soloist, piano teacher at Gnessin`s Academy of music.

Alisa Kuprieva, piano, chamber ensemble and music management

Director and founder at Loft Philharmanic. Holds a series of lections on music management.

Tatyana Shatkovskaya, composition and improvisation
Member of Composer`s association of Russia, docent of Moscow State Conservatory.

Elena Korzhenevich, violin

Laureate of international competitions, teacher at the Moscow State Conservatory

David Ardukchanian, violin

Laureate of international competitions, teacher at the Moscow State Conservatory

Petr Gladysh, violocello

Principal cellist at the National Philharmonic Orchestra, laureate of international competitions.

Valentin Azarenkov, clarinet
Laureate of international competitions, teacher at the Moscow State Conservatory, principal at ‘Gelikon-Opera’

Anastasia Batrakova, bassoon

Laureate of international competitions, principal at the National Philharmonic Orchestra

Svetlana Mitryaikina, flute

Laureate of international competitions, principal at the National Philharmonic Orchestra (2004 –2014); teacher and head of the chamber ensemble department at Academy of Jazz.

Sergei Kovtunov, guitar
Laureate of international competitions, member of ‘Tornado’ Guitar Duet.

Victoria Zyablitskaya, soprano

solo vocal teacher at the M. Ippolitov-Ivanov Moscow State Pedagogical Institute, laureate of international competitions, chamber and operatic singer. Holds classes on diction for singers.


  1. Fees for Participation in the Grand Final:

Variant I

No accommodation

— participation:


  • Soloists — 3500 RUB, or 28 EUR, or 32 $, or 215 ¥.
  • Duo, trio — 2500 RUB, 22 EUR, 26 $, or 172 ¥ per person
  • Piano accompanist — 2000 RUB, or 22 EUR, or 26 $ or172 ¥
  • Ensemble (4–10 members) — 1500 RUB, or 17 EUR, or 20 $, or 130 ¥ per person,
  • Ensemble (over 10 members) — 10000 RUB, per ensemble or 110 EUR, 130 $, or860 ¥ per ensemble

— Masterclasses

1 master class— 4000 RUB

3 masterclasses with any of the Jury members — 10 000 RUB


Variant II


  1. Accommodation in a hotel HOSTEL? (7 nights, breakfast included). Transfer Moscow — Kolomna — Moscow, excursion — 30 000 RUB per person. Participation fee and masterclasses should be paid separately (see Variant I)


Variant II has the same price for each accompanying person: 30 000 RUR.

If there are very few applications for the Grand Final the programme would be reduced and the price discounted.

Entrance to the concert events for accompanying persons by tickets only. Tickets available at the box-office on the day of the event. For accompanying persons admission to masterclasses is free.

! For online participants of Grand Final outside the Russian Federation. Entrance fee: 15 EUR or 1 500 RUR.

! For foreign participants of Grand Final, taking part in LIVE auditions — see Variants I & II for your fees. On request the Organizing Committee can send letters of invitation needed for your participation in the Grand Final.

Separate charges for:

— Performance with ‘Tchaikovsky Orchestra’ (chamber orchestra under Sergei Luran) — 10 000 RUR. Programme should include: one movement of a concerto (or a single-movement piece) for soloist with chamber orchestra. If needed, the participant should provide score and voices of the work performed. Performing with ‘Tchaikovsky Orchestra’ is optional: it is not an obligatory part of your participation in the Grand Final.

— Concertmaster on request — RUR per one participant.

Send your applications before June 15th, 2021 to: silk_way@internet.ru. Mark your letters ‘Grand Final’. If the participation is resigned, 80% of the entrance fee is reimbursed.

  1. Awards :

All the participants are awarded with the title of either laureate (1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree according to the Jury’s opinion) or diploma-recipient; souvenirs and presents from the partners of the Competition. Money prizes are currently being reconsidered.

The professors and teachers of all of the participants receive letters of gratitude via E-mail.


  1. Fee payment and application:



The application form should include:

  • Your application for participation should include:
  • Your full name, phone number and e-mail address
  • Nomination and age category
  • Name of your school/college/university
  • The full name of your teacher, their phone number and e-mail address
  • The full name of your concertmaster, their phone number and e-mail address
  • Your repertoire and performance duration
  • Full postal address
  • VARIANT of your participation (VARIANT I or II)
  • Number of accompanying persons
  • Number of requested masterclasses (with named of the Jury members)
  • Performance with ‘Tchaikovsky Orchestra’ (if needed). Please, name the piece you wish to perform
  • Concertmaster if needed (name the piece you are going to perform)

PLEASE, CHECK YOUR SPELLING — the names in diplomas, certifying your award, are printed according to your application forms. After they are sent or hand-delivered, no alterations are possible.

By participating in the competition all contestants agree to provide the required personal data to the organizing committee and permit the publishing of the video of gala concert performance and results on the web-page of the competition.

In case of noncompliance with the Rules of the Contest by the contestant or its representatives, the organizing committee preserves the right to dismiss the contestant from further participation or withhold the award.

In case of any dispute the only legitimate version of the Rules is Russian.

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